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Okay there is a few things you have to do to get this working.

Make sure you have the latest software update installed on your car through the settings/software update section.

In your car idrive menu go to telephone and bluetooth. Then scroll down to Bluetooth options and make sure message box is ticked.

On your iphone make sure you have iOS 6 installed as this is the latest release from Apple.

On your iphone click on Settings/Bluetooth then the little arrow that points to the right next to your device. Ensure you have Show Notifications switched on and sync contacts on.

Finally click on Settings/Notifications/Messages and at the bottom View on Lock screen make sure this is on. You can do the same for Mail if you wish to view mail as well.

Up to now I'm pretty sure that messages and mail only appear on your cars messages under office if they arrive to your phone while it is connected to the car. e.g. old messages don't appear and likewise when the ignition is turned off the messages disappear.

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