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Originally Posted by saggo View Post
It's great when it happens like that, at least you didn't have a week of sleepless nights waiting like I'm going to have - like kids at Christmas!

Look forward to reading your comments over the coming weeks...I've already got signed up for Connected Drive since I have my VIN / VRN. I can log on using the iPhone & iPad apps and have my car listed in the available vehicles though my car is still not responding to horn sounding / headlamp flashing etc - I assume it'll be configured as part of the preparation process during the next few days - fingers crossed!
Originally Posted by Kiernan View Post
Just been on the phone to the dealer and have been told that my car is now in the UK. Not sure exactly where in the UK, but it's seems that the boat has docked in Southampton and the car will be winging it's way up to Yorkshire soon. Anyone know how long it takes the cars from reaching Sothampton to being delivered to dealers across the country?

Can't pick up the car until 29/09 as I'm away on business until then, but things are looking good

The end of the waiting is in sight - I bet time will really drag next week.
Where are you picking it up from? I've heard that as of earlier this year not all BMW's are prepared at the Thorne prep' centre. Cars for the south of the UK get prep'd near or in Southampton prior to transportation to the dealer.
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