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Originally Posted by saggo View Post
Just thought I'd better clarify, I set up my Connected Drive account prior to getting my car in the hope of tracking it's position remotely though it seems that even if the car was configured it's not possible to track the car if it's >1.5km from my current location - bummer! As I said my app can issue 'sound horn' 'flash headlamps' commands (which are initially accepted) though I eventually receive an error message that the car is not responding. Worth a try I guess.
After messing around for an hour it looks like you also have to enable the car to Connected Drive. There also seems like some apps that can be downloaded. It not very user friendly.

I'll 'play' some more over the weekend. If I can send a destination from my desktop to the car, and get the phone apps working ok I'll be happy.

The network connection to the car appears to be slow- doesn't feel like 3g.