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Just thought I'd give everyone an update. Ordered my 30d SE on the 12th July, was told that it would arrive end of September. Anyway came back from hols on the 10th Sep, and had a voice message saying the car had arrived and was ready for collection. So I presume it had arrived early September. So around 6 weeks from order to delivery- they must have cleared the back log in the US factory.

Still trying to figure out all the options on the Professional Media. Just got my connecteddrive login info today and struggling getting the BMW Android app to work.

Very impressed by the drive and interior.... BUT I went into my father-in-laws Jag XF yesterday, and the interior of that feels that bit more special i.e. leather stitched dash, electric pop up vents, pop up drive selector etc. For a similar price you seem to get more with the Jag- but its not an SUV or 4x4.

Already missing the electric heated seats of my Hyundai Santa Fe- I couldn't justify the BMW prices for some extras.

Anyway good start to BMW life- further updates to follow.

BTW- The local dealer sold me GAP insurance based upon lowering the BMW Select APR from 7.9% to 7.5% (Q3 special). Works out the GAP should cost 350, but with the improved APR cost is around 150 which is competitive.
Haggle hard for your best deal. Thanks to all for their previous buying tips.