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Originally Posted by Stockwell View Post
Hi All,, I tried to program the Folding Mirror with FoB and Comfort Access, Both looks not working (waited 1hr) ? What I am looking to achieve is when I hit the mirror fold button before lock the car, it will auto unfold with open the door by Comfort Access or FOB. I did code the CAS and FRM entry and verified it show as "01". My Car is a Canada spec..

Any idea ? Thank You for help out !
I believe the way it works for me is that if I fold the mirrors by the button inside, then they stay folded when I unlock the car. If I use the fob or comfort access to fold the mirrors (hold and wait a few seconds), then they unfold on unlock with either fob or CA. This works best for me since this is my wife's car and she needs to fold the mirrors before entering the garage then leave them folded until she backs out of the garage.

I don't have the car with me right now so I can't test all the scenarios to make sure that is the way it works but I will try to check tonight.