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Originally Posted by rmeir View Post
personally I dont want to change tires every season, I want one tire that does well in all conditions. So far in reading this I havent seen one that does. and in all the refrences to tire rack. I have been there and looked around and frankly the website is useless. it doesnt tell me what I want to know about all season tires. it recommends a winter tire and a summer tire but not a all season, dont have to change it tire. I know that they are out there as my wife has had great luck with her highlander with all seasons. falls under the heading of give me a break.
'all seasons' works average at best both in hot and cold conditions - simply because rubber compound is different for hot and cold conditions. For cold weather you want soft rubber, as at low temperature softer rubber stays elastic and grippy, while harder summer tyres become like plastic at bellow 7C. The pattern of the tyre is also different - for snow driving you need many small sections that rubs and splits when you brake on a snow, etc etc etc. Just like shoes - winter shoes are for winter, summer shoes are for summer - unless you live in a place where variation in temperatures is mild.