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Originally Posted by Cropwell View Post
Really thought I would hate the auto stop start but after a while have got used to it. With the price of fuel in the UK every improvement in fuel economy helps.
You get to anticipate when it will stop and you can then override it by releasing the brake pedal slightly if the need requires.
Only problem I find is that when you pull up and then engine cuts out I apply the hand brake and put the auto box into park but forget to turn off the ignition only to be reminded by a warning light when I open the door!
This is also due to the interaction with the keyless ignition which I dislike.
The quick fix for this is instead of putting the car in park or setting the parking brake (but only if you're also using the auto hold, if you aren't then you still need to set the parking brake) just press the on/off button and it will do all of that for you. I've found myself in other vehicles (loaner cars, etc) and I shut the engine off without putting it in park because I'm so used to mine doing that for me.