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Originally Posted by 383vett View Post
I hear BMW is going to have a run on replacement starters in 2 years when the starters stop working.
Why? They've been doing this for a few years now in Europe, this isn't really a new feature. They're using heavy duty starter motors to make sure they don't just go bad. If there were major issues like this, surely they would have discovered them already and addressed them so they don't have to deal with a wave of warranty claims from it.

Originally Posted by wedge000 View Post
I haven't found it too annoying in my 35i. It is certainly noticeable when the engine turns back on...even causing the car to shimmy a little bit. I haven't had any issue with the delay not allowing me to accelerate as quickly as I'd like from a stop.

One thing though. Is it designed to activate the engine after 15 seconds or so regardless of lifting off of the brake or moving the steering wheel? I feel like it shuts the engine down, but then if I do nothing it turns back on on its own after 10-15 seconds.
It depends on the temperature. The engine shuts off and the computer watches the temperature of the climate control, and when it detects that the air is no longer cold/hot enough to keep up with climate demand it turns the engine back on. I'm guessing when it's no longer summertime it will stay off for longer.