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Originally Posted by brissim View Post
After 12 months of ownership I would say the auto-hold is probably the most appreciated unexpected feature of our X3. We both have it on the whole time and only complaint is the need to put it on every time we start the car. Wish we could set it on by default (yes I know it probably can with re-coding). Never had an issue with it. Even with the admittidly very rare reverse parking I have done have left it on. Not concerned about possible increased brake pad because pad changes are covered under the service agreement I have on the car.

This exactly. I love it. I came from manual transmission cars, and one of the things I hated about automatic cars was that the stupid things start moving forward when you let off the brakes. With auto hold that problem is fixed! I turn it on every day and also wish I could program it to be on all the time. I also like how when I'm parked and done I can just push the start/stop button without having to put it in park or do anything else, it puts it in park sets the parking brake and everything is done. The only time I don't use it is when I'm pulling out of the garage.

I love sitting at a stoplight or wherever without having the hold the brake. It's going to be difficult to go to another car that doesn't have it. Guess I'll just have to get another BMW next.