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"Battery discharging while stopped" message

My wife's X3 is getting the "Battery discharging while stopped" message.
This symptom is different from the other posts I found on the subject because her battery is not dead and the vehicle starts just fine.

The vehicle has temporarily prevented the air conditioner from operating at any fan speed above the minimum. We are in Texas and it's 98 degrees outside.

The battery is not discharged but because of the warning message, I charged it for 5 hours with a 10 amp automatic charger. That did not reset the error message. In fact, the charger indicated the battery was full after 2 minutes of charging. I just left it on because of a second message that told us to charge the battery. Nothing is plugged into any of the outlets, no doors are open, no lights are on. I can find no source of battery drain.

When the engine is running, the battery voltage is 14.35 volts indicating the charging system is working. About 3 minutes after turning the engine off, the battery voltage is 12.45 volts and hitting the Start button cranks the engine with vigor and it starts right up.

In addition to fully charging the battery, what else is required to reset that message?

Is it time to take it to the dealer?