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Quite loud static noise coming out of nowhere

I went to have lunch today in a busy restaurant, so I had to wait for parking on the side of a busy road, and I turned on the hazzard to signal the traffic behind. When a parking spot is available, I parked my car, turn off the car and left. I forgot to turn off the hazzard.
After about 5 minutes later, the parking attendant was looking for me and told me that my hazzard was still on, so I went back to the parking lot to turn it off.
When I get into my car, I instantly heard this weird static noise coming out from the rear (speakers?), and it was quite loud, almost like the sound of the propeller-engined aircraft noise.
I turn on the car (not starting it, just press the start button without pressing the brake pedal), and the audio came on (i have usb stick connected) and the song is playing along with the static noise. I turned off the car and the noise persisted.
I start the engine, and the static noise was gone completely. It has not come back so far, and I'm wondering what was that?? I can't be sure if it was from the speakers or any other source, but it sounded like it came from the rear.
Has this ever happened to any of your X3s? or any other BMW models? Any idea what could have caused it? The car didn't give any error message, and everything seemed to work fine.