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Originally Posted by 02420X3 View Post
Question - in relation to coding, what does having the software updated, i.e. the Service Bulletin update to eliminate throttle lag, do? Does it update the CAFD? Does it flash the ECU firmware? Something different?
Generally an SIB requiring a software update will specify a minimum Integration Level (I-Level). That I-Level "package" itself will contain a minimum firmware level for each ECU. When you bring your car in for the I-Level update, ISTA/P will initiate a "Measures Plan", which looks at each ECU's firmware, and updates only those ECU's without the minimum level required by the new I-Level. If your car's I-Level is fairly new, that could only be a couple ECU's. If the car's I-Level is a couple years old, it could be every ECU. If the firmware is updated, a corresponding updated CAFD will be needed to code the ECU's new firmware.

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