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Originally Posted by Randeyman View Post

I would LOVE to know HOW to place (copy/overwrite/etc) the original "saved" CAFD files (now on my laptop) back into the car, so that it would be like it originally came. I have not seen that information anywhere in these (or other) threads. Everyone says "make a backup copy of them and save them in a safe place" in case you need to return the car to original programmed specs. I certainly did that - I just don't know how to put them back into the car IF I need to.

Any help/advice/directions on that?

Steps are very similar to what you do during coding. When you right click on any cafd file and select Read Coding Data, it reads data from car. So in place of selecting read coding data, select New and point to the saved cafd file matching the exact same name in your saved folder and proceed with the regular steps of saving and activating FA and code FDL. In this process you will push the saved cafd data back to car.

This is very logical and easy to visualize. You need to use cafd files which were changed in your coding earlier, forget about others which were not touched at all.

There are other ways too but I prefer the above as it is very logical and we know exactly what we are doing.