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Originally Posted by rgx3 View Post
I just re-read the owners manual and on the settings screen for climate there are three check boxes. The first on says "activate parking ventilation". This one is greyed out and won't let me select it. The other two are, "activate timer 1", and , "activate timer 2". These I can select which checks the box and allows me to enter a time. The owners manual states that you can either switch it on using the first selection, or use the timers. I can only use the timers. Anybody else have the situation that I have? I'd actaully like to try out the feature to see if the car stays any cooler while parked in the sun. Thanks in advance.
Options are to set the timer(s) when the car is on so they'll activate later, or after turning off the car, select the upper check box to activate it immediately.