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Originally Posted by bavarian19 View Post
I wish BMW would stop trying to fill gaps in the market. Eventually they are going to go the way of GM with too much R&D to keep so many variants going.
I agree with you. They're going to become jack of all trades, master of none, and that will be their fate most likely, as I see them trying to please more markets. Here's a few things I don't appreciate:

1). Substituting Hydraulic Steering with Electronic

2). Minimizing the Negative Camber in read wheels.

3). Putting on Run-Flats on the cars, and not making it into an optional choice.

4). __________________. The more knowledgeable BMW owners can fill in the gaps obviously.

With all the things the car now says, beeps, suggests, controls, regulates, etc. on it's own, the Driver will soon be termed "Passive Passenger". Cmmon, is it really helping to make the mind dependent on the car to such an extent, that some people may not even look back anymore when they're backing up with a camera, or bother checking lane... the more technology becomes a master, the more we become a slave. Thin line here.