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Originally Posted by BMWs View Post
This was my folder structure. Kept giving me error on missing folder E-sys_3.18.4. I renamed and still same error. I then downloaded from different source the E-Sys files with correctly named folder and still same error. I tried on 2 different computers also. Not a big deal, installing manually is easy enough. Your cable worked great so thanks for that!
Thanks for the info.

Good that it warned you of a missing folder and didn't proceed rather than installing it incorrectly.

Intension was to use the just downloaded files without making any modifications but it seems different sources have different structures. I may have to add a pictorial check point before one starts installing the software as plain text does not give a realistic view. See above, though I said it contains two folders and a file, a question was asked if it is a folder or a file. It's my duty to make it more clearer for users and I will do it now. Thanks BMWs.

I wish we had a low cost storage server available to us, where we could have made a complete bundle for people to download and click and go.