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If anyone on Mac is using Parallels, you may encounter a problem when trying to connect to your X3. I resolved this issue by opening "Virtual Machine>Configure…>Hardware>Network 1" and set it to Ethernet. The default was "Shared Network" which didn't work. This was the only way I could get the Connection via VIN to work.

Once connected, I followed the instructions given by April1 and was able to code the following on my X3 2.0d 02/2012 (Europe):

3000 HMI, 78:

EFF_DYN_SPORT_CID (Power/Torque meters that appear under Vehicle Information and the Sport popup visual as a selectable item.)
CONNECTED_DRIVE (I see this as the container for the "online browser" stuff so I'd enable this either before or at the same time as enabling them.)
SPEEDLOCK_X_KMH_MIN (Video In Motion Part 1)
SPEEDLOCK_X_KMH_MAX (Video In Motion Part 2 – the handbrake option was already disabled)


(This shows up under ConnectedDrive menu as "Internet" as is a web browser)
ONLINE_BROWSER_LIVE (This shows up under ConnectedDive menu as "BMW Live" and will ask you to enter your location. I entered "Other Country" so I think I was limited with the options I received in here: News, Weather, Settings. Other country settings may give you more.)
I was able to connect to the Online stuff with an iPhone using tethered bluetooth internet. Live asked me to register using an email address but I just skipped this step. I probably won't use the online stuff that much, but good to know that it's in there and BMW want to charge you a small fee to enable it.

I saw another option that makes me wonder if video over USB is disabled and can be enabled. This is the one:

Kommentar=Switch for the video buttons in the new Audioplayer HMI (CR7752)
The values are "none", "first_usb", "second_usb", "both". Currently it's set to "none".

The option above this one is:

Kommentar=Switch for the new Audioplayer HMI (CR7752)
The values are "new" and "old". It's set to "new".

Can anyone shed some light on these for me? Google turns up nothing.