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Originally Posted by shawnsheridan View Post
There is no doubt this version is newer than the previous version, as the new version is from 6/20 while the previous version was from 4/20, and the following 13 CAFD files were added are in this latest version:

cafd_000000ae.caf.005_004_000 249,837
cafd_000000f9.caf.007_003_009 2,955,507
cafd_00000bce.caf.005_012_000 721,717
cafd_0000007e.caf.002_003_007 44,945
cafd_000007a1.caf.005_018_028 2,014,103
cafd_000009ef.caf.000_016_003 1,180,127
cafd_000014a8.caf.100_000_001 21,185
cafd_0000068d.caf.001_006_003 58,585
cafd_00000163.caf.007_001_006 1,344,995
cafd_00000171.caf.002_002_001 37,729
cafd_00000223.caf.013_006_006 1,986,099
cafd_00000794.caf.002_020_029 6,060,497
cafd_00000985.caf.003_001_111 88,591

The actual PSdZdata version though remains unclear to me as the F10 Integration Level remains unchanged. It is quite conceivable this is v.46.6 and still I-Level F010_12_03_512, but if that is the case, since we are seeing new F10's having even newer CAFD files (e.g. CIC CAFD file cafd_000000f9.caf.007_002_157) than what is in this new release (e.g. CIC CAFD file cafd_000000f9.caf.007_002_006), it would indicate that there exists a version somewhere, perhaps in Munich only, that is higher than this release, maybe the rumored v.47.x.
Great information. Shawn is one of the pioneers in coding and his experience and analysis is invaluable. Thanks.

We will wait and watch before we reflect changes into our step by step procedures.