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Originally Posted by DouginNC View Post
I had the update performed on my 2011 2.8 and noticed a couple of changes:

Now instead of the transmission shifting from 1st 2nd and 3rd within just a few feet, the transmission lets the RPMs come up in 1st, then 2nd and then 3rd. The way my transmission was running through the gears seems to have been causing the delay in my X3. Big improvement. It's more like the old Sport mode, but not quite as long of shift intervals.

The steering now is heavier and more center weighted. I like the change. The steering is still no where as heavy as my 128, but at least there is a more connected feeling to the road now. Definitely is center weighted, as the wheel really wants to be at center after making a turn. Acts more like they performed a wheel alignment, but they didn't.

Some of my user settings were erased and others were not. All of my radio presets were gone, yet bluetooth was still set up to pare with my iPhone.

The update to my X3 took 3 hours. I waited while it was done. The dealer found the TSB after I complained about throttle response.

Glad I had it done.

Doug in NC
I had the TSB done but there was no change in steering feel. Has anybody else notice a change in handling?