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Hello walendvay,

Congratulations on the upgrade!

A quick quesiton: what's the engine in your X3 28i? My 11 28i was equipped with N52 and SIB seems only mentioned N52T and N55.


Originally Posted by walendvay View Post
Quick update on how this software is performing......

- i had the updates for sport/normal suspension turned off on idrive, they are now back on and I think the option menu looks a little different. No big deal, I turned it back off
- auto vent settings (time) disappeared (I set it back up)
- throttle feels frickin' awesome! wow! Feels like the 328i E91 that I've been driving for the last week.
- I read that the steering may change with this update, it may have, not totally sure.
- car makes EGR/fuel pump noises now. It did this at shut down when I arrived home. It was as if the car burped? Probably no big deal, as the BMW guys probably adjusted something with EGR and with fuel pressure. Prior to this, I only heard the infamous (whoosh) when I opened up the car in the morning.
- if I notice anything with fuel pressure priming tomorrow morning that is different, I'll let you know.
- I did have the rough idle signature at cold start up. Never cared, but am reading it should be fixed.
- finally, I have one high grade mountain road curve below my house, I use manual shift mode, and go down to 2nd. Before, I had to turn off DSC to get enough momentum to get up the switch back (never had the problem with an E91, nor my old E83), however, with the new software on the F25, it performs well! wow! I think I can spin the tires now if I wanted to! (with DSC off, of course!)

good luck, all!