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New | Pedalbox Piggyback Throttle Controller Free Shipping

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Gen 3 PedalBox


On Sale Now:

Mike from TWM Performance Here to introduce the Gen3 PedalBox

I, along with a few co-workers have been testing the PedalBox, on our personal vehicles and we absolutely love it (I have a 2011 135 with a JB3 and a downpipe.) The PedalBox sharpens throttle response and gets rid of the dead pedal feel in the higher gears. If you dont know what I am talking about when I say dead pedal, put your car in 6th gear and slowly press the gas pedal. Youll notice that you have about an inch of travel in the pedal before the car really responds. The PedalBox will fix this problem and is the perfect complement to a tune. I prefer to drive in Sport+ mode, which makes revs come faster and transforms the driving feel of the car.

That being said, I am proud to announce that TWM Performance will be Bringing the Pedalbox V3 piggyback throttle controller to North America.


The PedalBox, manufactured by DTE Systems of Germany, is a throttle controller designed to suit your preference of driver experience. Most cars of the 21st century use a drive-by-wire system to control the throttle body. Unfortunately, the drive-by-wire system causes subdued acceleration and throttle lag. The PedalBox solves this problem by taking the signal from your pedal and amplifying it, eliminating throttle lag and changing the driving experience. PedalBox has three modes; Sport, Sport+, and Eco mode. Each of which have six levels of adjustability. Sport mode is suited for enthusiast daily driving , Sport+ is for aggressive driving, and Eco Mode is for fuel consumption.

  • -3rd Generation Technology;
  • -Increased, precise, throttle response, more power, faster!;
  • -Eliminates throttle response delays;
  • -Car responds in approximately half the time at low rpm;
  • -Acceleration delay in third and fourth gear equal zero;
  • -Maintains power throughout the entire gear change cycle;
  • -Easier Overtaking in all gears;
  • -Plug-n-Play less than 15 minute install;
  • -Improved fuel consumption in Eco Mode;
  • -Reliable EMC (Electro Magnetic Compatibility) cover over the housing;
  • -TV approved, German Autobahn Certified;
  • -Three modes with six levels of customization, 18 levels in all,
  • each for, on the fly, throttle MAP (Mass Air Pressure) switching;
  • -Each programmed for the individual car make/model;
  • -Further individual customization capable controller;
  • -Made in Germany Quality;
  • -Manual as well as Automatic transmission compatible;
  • -Glass fiber reinforced to provide heat resistance;
  • -Can be used on both a tuned as well as stock configurations.
Included in the Box:
-PedalBox Module
-PedalBox Manual
-2 reusable Velcro zip ties for tucking wires
-adhesive Velcro for mounting

These are ON SALE NOW for 299 and we will have FREE SHIPPING for a limited time only.

-Expect to wait 1-2 weeks for arrival

Detailed Video Coming soon. It takes 5 minutes or less once you know what you are doing.

Supported BMW Models:
All 2001+ Bmws

Click Here

Send a PM if you want a PedalBox for another Car make. We carry them for almost any car!

I would Also Like to say that we look forward to offering a wide range of innovative products for many BMW platforms (something is actually in the works now )

Thanks for Reading
P.S. Sorry for not being a good actor. I will work on that.