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Originally Posted by 02420X3 View Post
A lag off the line I can deal with.

What I can't deal with is a low speed throttle-up lag. Here's the scenario that I am presented with:

T intersection, I have a stop sign, two way traffic in front of me, passing to both my left and right.
My view to the left is clear. My view to the right is obscured by tall bushes.
I come to a full stop at the stop sign.
I creep forward at 2-3mph, to the point where my vision to the right is 80-90%.
I look left, look right, look left, and all looks good, and decide to commit.
As I do so, I look right one last time and a headlight appears.
I have the choice of stabbing the brake or the gas pedal.
If I stab the brake then my nose is in the street in front of me.
I stab the gas pedal, and am presented with a throttle lag. Now I have two headlights on my right. and closer oncoming traffic.

That's an example of Throttle Lag that I can't deal with.
Why don't you go for software upgrade?