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When I took mine in for the update, they also said they would need to replace the passanger front window regulator as it has been recalled. Are they doing this to yours as well? My drivers side window was making a "screeching" sound every time I put it up and down and they are also replacing a worn flocking on the belt. I have to take it back in next week since they had to order the parts. I'm seriously concerned about letting them take apart the doors because I hate the fact they have to mess with the vapor barrier. It seems to be a well documented issue that once they are messed with, down the road water always ends up in the footwell of the vehicle because they are not sealed right. I hate letting people mess with my car
Knock on brushed Al, so far no problem with the windows except the rattle in drivers side. Just replaced by daughter's 325i passenger window regulator at 98K, $360.

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Where can I get a copy of the SIB?
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