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Originally Posted by Radioactive View Post
Throttle movement and transmission are pretty much linked in the smooth timely movement of the vehicle. Dealer could tell me that the SIB was for a tail light, but if it fixed the lag problem, I'm good.

Mine is at the dealer as of yesterday. Funny thing happens everytime you go to the dealer for a fix. The drivers window which was really rattling a couple of days ago was almost quiet and the throttle response was good. But then on the off ramp; "the lag". I guess one out of two isn't bad!

I went to a new dealer and took a copy of the SIB. SA hadn't seen it and was going to give it to the shop foreman. I'm guessing that they're doing the update due to the length of time. Two days for just an oil change and a couple of little things would be quite long.
Where can I get a copy of the SIB?