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Just got my car back today after doing the update. The update takes roughly 4-6 hours according to a service advisor so make sure to allot enough time if you wish to get the car back the same day.

After the update the car seems much more responsive and acceleration is very linear, no longer does the car take 1 or 2 seconds to "think" before speeding up. I even tried testing the car the same way as the Motor Trend article by quickly slowing down then speeding up and I wasn't able to find any faults with throttle response.

I suggest anyone experiencing issues to take their X3 in and get the update asap. As Sivakumarbalu said "D" pretty much feels like "DS" now.

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The front desk girls to whom i paid the bill is freakin hot, but she was hot before the software upgrade
Similar story, had my car serviced Friday and brought it back to get update done today. The attractive woman at the reception desk wore a too small low cut shirt both times, not that I'm going to stare or anything but it really doesn't help when the receptionist table is like 3 feet tall and there's a lot of paperwork to sign.