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had my done at Grand River BMW yesterday in Kitchener. the transmission is infinitely smoother now. before at lower speeds it almost feels like it was downshifting and using engine braking to slow down the car to kick in brake regeneration, resulting in the previous jerkiness. now its smooth as butter. I did notice on normal mode, if you gas it the shifting times have decreased.

also previously when starting the engine, it would go up to 2500-3000 rpm and then settle back down at 1500rpm or so, and even higher on cold starts. now when it starts, it goes up to 1500rpm and settles at 700rpm(!).

the steering wheel is definitely lighter.

also, I noticed some minor graphical changes to the LCD in the instrument cluster. all very minor. the first thing I noticed was the font color for the "Please fasten your seat belt" text is now red (pretty sure it was white before?). I think the number indicators on the fuel consumption is now larger as well.

I have a June 2011 build x35i.