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Yakima hitch bike rack

My wife and I picked up our new 2012 X3 28i from the dealer last week. It is our first BMW and it is extremely fun to drive.

We had the trailer hitch installed to primarily use for our Yakima SwingDaddy bike rack that was on our Subaru. However, we've run into an issue due to the fact that the depth of the receiver in the BMW hitch is only ~2 3/4" instead of the required 3" for the bike rack. I've searched the forums and haven't been able to find anyone else having a problem similar to this (I'm sure there are and I'm just not finding them).

Does any one have any suggestions on this? I've thought about cutting the bike rack, but that means that anything I want to put into the hitch must essentially be a non-standard Class 2 hitch item (depth < 3 inches). I've also thought about cutting off the stop that is on the back of the receiver since it's only purpose is to prevent you from inserting something to far and hitting the bumper. The stop will provide nothing in terms of stopping a trailer if the pin comes out .

Attached is a picture of the receiver showing the depth and the stop that is welded on.

Thank you in advance for the advice.
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