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Originally Posted by walendvay View Post
I read in another post, someplace, the s/w upgrade is applied to all modules in the car. This includes the steering module, which has firmware to control the feel of the feedback. I read some of the 5 series guys had issues with pull and a software fix took care of them. On our X3s, there was one guy who claimed the s/w fix adjusted his steering pull. I've seen luke warm results.

I had a slight pull that they fixed at about 1200mi with an alignment adjustment, but it is still not 100%
I have had on and off steering pull and unbalanced steering force issues and had the update done over two weeks ago. On the workorder they stated that they "Performed electronic steering wheel calibration". The steering was good when I picked it up, but it is still intermitantly pulling to the right and generally unbalanced between left and right turning force and smoothness. Even when not pulling to the right, it turns much easier and smoother to the right. Very dissappointing. Also, the steering is a bit looser overall I would say since having the update done. FYI, I don't have any options that give me the ability to adjust the steering on my car. I have an July 1, 2011 x 35i.