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Originally Posted by stactum
Originally Posted by corey2140 View Post
I powder coated the rims. It's much more durable and weather resistant then simply just painting them. As for the grill, I'm not sure you can have it powder coated considering most of it is made of plastic. I removed the grill, sanded the shiny away and used a spray primer and then a spray gloss black paint. I spent about $8 at Walmart for the supplies and it looks perfect. As for your roof rails I don't have any recommendations considering I don't have them.
Not really my style, but I like it!

Did you just use Rustoleum primer and paint from walmart on Grille?

As far as front window tint - what I was recommended once by Ziebart is to go with a little darker tint on front windows then from the outside they'll look identical with rear - the reason for that since windshield lets more light from the front it's good to go a little darker so front and rear look the same from outside. I did it on 2 vehicles and it looked awesome!
Yeah I actually did use rustoleaum. And that's a great idea on the the tint, if you look really close the front windows do actually look a tad lighter then the the rears. However, I have them as dark as I'm legally allowed to have in Chicago.