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Originally Posted by MetaX View Post
Interesting...I wonder if the SWS is a drop-in replacement for the under-seat subs/midbass drivers? I'm sure that the factory amps wont have enough power to drive them though. Would love to clean up & beef up the low end a bit without having to add an aftermarket all-in-one sub + amp combo. Would be only a few days before I found a broken window and missing box due to the lack of having a nice concealing trunk (covering the cargo area when parked on the streets of San Francisco is the same as writing an invitation to would-be thieves).
You might give Earthquake a call. I think they're in your area. If you have the Premium Sound system, and you want to add an amp for the woofers, you might take a look at this sub/woofer harness.

I think this would separate your woofers after the crossovers and give you the ability to control the lower end.