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Originally Posted by AnthonyB View Post
From what I can tell, and speaking to a local installer, the wiring is NOT in place. Apparently a lot of the euro manufacturers have done this for a while to save money - also explains why you can't dealer upgrade them.

Also, I poked my head in the hole where the amp would be and there are no tell-tale dangling connectors sadly.

I guess you can by the door trim that has the tweeter cutouts and fill with your own choice, but you'd need to do the wiring yourself.

It's a pro-job for me I think - the installer I spoke to recommended replacing the standard 4" units with Focal's, but said there would still be no midbass.
Don't be fooled by the need for component speakers, ie separate tweeter/midrange. If fact there can be problems with 'tuning" the speakers to match. A better solution is to look into a high end European COAXIAL speaker such as the one the installer recommended, the Focal or look at something from Morel or Rainbow. They will have a built in crossover and aimable tweeters. As far as midbass, the speakers will go down to 75-100Hz, then I assume you have under seat woofers to take over the low end. If not the parts probably could be order to install one. Try, if you can get it, the "flat" Earthquake Audio woofer.

As far as an external amp, you are in a much easier situation than those of us with upgraded systems. You can purchase an amp with high level inputs (speaker level) or an adapter to drop down the input from high level to low level. If you get a five channel amp the (sub)woofer protion will normally have crossover and output level control for the bass.

BTW, I don't think "inches" will work without modifications. Try to get your size in metric. look under "integration" 100. The 8" SWS.