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I ordered my car in April last year, and was given a delivery date of end January this year. In early October an end January delivery was confirmed; end October it became mid January, end of November I was told the car had been built and would be delivered early January. One week later the car arrived in the UK, and I collected it just before Christmas - a nice surprise, but it does seem to fit the month early pattern.

I like gadgets (prof nav/hi fi), so just wish I had gone for the 6NR. At the time of ordering it wasn't clear what this did (it still isn't clear), but it would seem that this option may come into its own in the future. I have the combox, which I believe to be a step in the right direction, so I just hope that as BMW develop this feature it is offered as a retrofit - very poor marketing, and not very impressive. I would go the Patrys route, but don't fancy fitting it myself.

The chrome exhaust trim does look good!