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My wife loves the X6 but it was too expensive, we just bought a X3 (which I love the styling of), I really like the render look of the X4 and I am sure it will be pretty close to actual production, BUT I too don't understand the point of having so many similar cars! I am not saying they shouldn't have created the X6 and X4, but don't they sort of take up the same segment as the Wagon and GT versions? space wise what is the difference between a X6, 5GT, 5 Wagon? And going down to the 3 series I bet its even less, in fact I wouldn't be shocked if a 3 Wagon offered more space than the X4, And as another person said I can't see the point of a 3GT if there is an X4. Or is it all about ride height and off roading, which you know so many BMW drivers do,

Having said all that, I am 100% for the X4, but then don't bring the 3 Wagon or GT to the States, and price the X4 the same as the X3 (since its certainly not bigger and will have the same engines) and don't price gauge like the X6, I don't think many people will pay $5K+ extra for an X4 over an X3, because at that point you are in X5 pricing for a much smaller car...