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Originally Posted by jsplayin View Post
While on the topic of braking, anybody else feel like the brakes are underwhelming on this car. I feel like they don't have enough bite and I often start braking gradually only to have to add more pressure than I'm used to in order to actually stop. Maybe it's the weight of the car, or just that I'm comparing it to my M3's stock brakes, but I'm still not used to them especially when switching back and forth between cars.
I agree that for normal breaking the bite feels softer than in my previous BMW's, but I think it's more the pedal than the capability. The couple times (and only a couple so far) that I've needed to stop quite fast, the system feels very different, much more like the previous cars, and comes to a quick stop. I expect it's farther than a lighter/smaller BMW, but it was a lot shorter than I'd expected having noticed the different brake feel. Curious if you notice the same.