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Originally Posted by Lotus7 View Post
As it is on N.A. cars.

Since the alarm is not activated until the "Lock" button is pressed, I believe the alarm won't be triggered no matter if the key remote is removed.

Always wondered what would happen if someone started driving away and the "lock" button was pressed on a "outside the car" key remote (still within remote range). Will the engine stop and the car lock? Has anyone tried this?
Re the alarm. It seems to differ depending on how you lock the car and perhaps if the car senses someone in the passenger seat.

With dogs in the back, car and A/C on, I went back in to pay a vet bill locking the car from the outside. The alarm and motion sensors apparently activated and the alarm went off after about 30 seconds and some dog movement. With a passenger in the front seat and locking from the central locking button, that didn't happen -- so not sure if it's the interior lock, the seat, or both.

Not sure if anything about Comfort Access would change the above (mine has it).

I've done similar and been about 100m away and the car continued to run. I expect that's way out of range of the key. Was away at least 10 min and the car was still running.