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X3 Key Fob and Security

My F25 X3 does not have comfort access. I am concerned about the Safety and security aspects if the vehicle is separated from the key fob.

NB in all the scenarios the Auto Start Stop Feature will be off and the a/c will be on because of the passenger in my hot climate:

1.If the car is idling and I have the remote key fob in my pocket and I leave the car with a passenger inside and pop into a shop about 30 metres away, will the car switch off? Will there be any visual or audible warnings.

2.What is the maximum distance or time the key fob can be from the vehicle to remain idling?

3.In the event of a car jacking, the vehicle and the remote key fob are separated, at what distance will the engine switch off? Will there be any prior audible or visual warnings.
When the vehicle is recovered, will a BMW dealer have to reset the security systems afterwards or will the Key Fob still work in the proximity of the car again without special intervention?

My apologies in advance if any of my questions seem trivial or have already been dealt with elsewhere on the forum.

You guys are the only ones I trust to ask for info, Dealers seem clueless.