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Hi all
Thanks ever so much for the many (and prompt) messages with good feedback. Iím beginning to wish I hadnít asked now as you all came up with such thought provoking ideas.

I think the main thing that your replies prompted me to do was to have a closer look at the differences between the SE and M Sport models. I guess I hadnít realised that many of the options Iíd chosen were included in the M Sport. I ran up a couple of configurator screens side by side so I could see the differences by quickly switching from one screen to the other. I have to say that Iím really quite taken by the look of the M Sport.

Initially, I hadnít given the M Sport much brain time as the base model was so much more expensive than the SE and I didnít want the hard suspension. I hadn't thought that I could delete this until I read DNWís message. Listening to the discussion between sfax and DNW made me think about the body styling very closely.

The upshot is that Iím seriously considering changing the order to an M Sport Ė but Iíll need to check what difference that will make to my insurance as its sky high already despite being a good boy and an advanced driver.

Iím starting to like the look of the space grey too. My last 2 cars have been black and they really show the dirt and swirls.

@sfax - point taken about the high beam assist. Iíve had adaptive lights on a previous car and loved them. I particularly liked the extra turn light that came on when indicating or turning the wheel to past a certain point.

@cheesebag, can you share your experiences of the adaptive lighting please? I will definitely have Xenons but Iím in two minds as to whether or not to forget the visibility package and just have the Xenons. Please can you let me know what you think of the adaptive feature?

@sfax, Iím not bothered about the electric seats as we donít share cars very often. My current car has electric seats and I honestly canít remember the last time it was used.

@sfax Ė thanks for the information about the HUD. Iíve done some more research and may forget about this option and use the money saved to bridge the gap between the SE and M Sport models.

@all Ė what are the BMW apps? I donít know what it is so I didnít bother with it.

Thanks again for all your help and opinions