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New motor - thoughts on available options

Hi all
I'm new to this forum and have just ordered a new X3. I wanted to list the options that I ordered to see what you all think and also to canvass opinion on options that I didn't choose - but you think I would be silly not to.

I test drove a 3 litre model so that is what I ordered - a 30d SE. Another reason for choosing this engine is that it comes with the automatic gearbox - which I loved. I chose titanium silver as a liked the colour.
I chose the beige interior leather as I have this on the car that the X3 will replace (a Honda CRV) and like the way that it gives a bright and airy feel to the interior. Now on to the options...

ZXF - visibility package. I chose this because I love the LED angel eyes (I'm a real gadget tart). I love DRLs (which is why I bought an Audi A5 a few years ago) and I don't think these corona rings can be beaten in terms of looks.
I included the visibility package as I also get the folding/dimming mirrors; the high beam assistant and the adaptive lighting. I'm hoping that the headlights are good as the xenons on my A5 were pretty poor. Does anyone else with adaptive lighting know if it includes the side facing lights when approaching a side road? I know the brochure says it does but they can sometimes be unreliable.

ZXF - professional media. I liked the widescreen display and the assist packages that come with it.

ZXK - Access package. I wanted the comfort access and power tailgate as I often return to the car with my hands full and don't want to have to fumble around looking for a key.

223/2VG - variable damper control. I heard good reviews about this but have never experienced it. Does anyone out there have this - is it worth it (I hope so)?

610 - Heads-up display. For those "Top Gun" moments on my way to pick up my curry

3AH - Reverse cameras with top view. Because I don't want to scratch my new car.

ZXH - heated front seats

481 - Sports seats

420 - Sun protection glass.

255 - sport steering wheel

677 - professional loudspeaker system. I've not heard this but I do like my music - and I've been disappointed with sound systems in all my other cars.

654 - DAB radio

2VL - variable sports steering. I was a bit unsure about this as I have heard reports that it can make the steering feel over sensitive. Having said that, I've heard positive reports too so I chose to include it.

Standard wheels. I like a comfortable drive. My experiences with bigger wheels/low profile tyres is that they can make the rise a bit harsher, are more prone to making the steering very sensitive to 'tram lines' and are more expensive to replace.

I also deleted the model designation (badges) to make it easier to clean/polish the car.

So, that's it. Did I miss anything? Is there anything on there that you don't think is worth the money? I'd appreciate your feedback.

I ordered the car a few days before Christmas and was told to expect a June 2012 delivery. Since then, the dealer has called me back and said that the 3L models seem to be on a shorter lead time and it is currently showing as March delivery - just in time for a shiny new '12' plate


P.S. Hi TuffLittleUnit - I remember you from the A5 forum