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BMW Extended Warranty or Mechanical Breakdown Insurance Through Insurance Company?

So I was thinking about getting the BMW extended warranty (2 extra years, 50k extra miles) which I believe runs around $2100. I know that my insurance company offers "Mechanical Breakdown" insurance which they say can be extended for up to 7 years / 100k miles. It is around $45 per 6 month period. If that price didn't change that would only be in the neighborhood of $630 over 7 years, however I think I would reach 100k miles in 5 - 6 years. You must buy the warranty before the vehicle hits 15k miles.

My thoughts on this warranty:

- Will the premium increase as the vehicle ages?
- Will the premium increase with any claims / repairs?
- Do you have to stay insured with Geico to keep the coverage?
- Does the coverage transfer with the vehicle if it is sold?
- Will it be annoying / difficult to get repairs approved / payed for?
- What all does it cover exactly?

I wanted to see what additional thoughts / comments / questions people had regarding this warranty / coverage. I plan on calling them to ask but I figured others could provide some good questions to include too!