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So does it work with the 4S?


New to the board and BMW. Just bought a 2012 X5 diesel. I LOVE this vehicle. The only thing I don't like, as a matter of fact, is this damn cradle/adapter. $70K for a the vehicle (including $250 for the useless BMW apps) and they are really going to nickel and dime me for an adapter to make the cradle -- which takes up space and can't be removed -- and their stupid app work? Is that really the impression they want new customers to walk away with? It probably is because I foolishly took the time to email BMW about the lameness of it all. Got a form letter response.

At any rate, the dealer swears the snap-in adapter for the iPhone 4 (you know, the one they want to charge $265 for) will NOT work with the 4S. This seems to me to be highly unlikely, but apparently they tried it with another customer and it didn't work. I'm thinking it could just be a faulty adapter or user error. Figured I'd consult the true experts.