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Originally Posted by Steve30dMSport View Post
I believe the reason is because Melbourne now has too many people for its infrastructure and we have insane beaurocrats who are against cars and want that wonderful socialist nirvana of public transport to be the predominant transport function in Melbourne. So we are squeezed in to roads which are being shrunk by bike paths and bus lanes so it's just bound to cause massive road rage and many more accidents. Just like man-made global warming.........don't you just love socialism? Just let me be alone with my car so I can enjoy it without all the social engineering to make driving cars unbearable. that's a rant isn't it!
Well it's like that all over Europe as well. They're making it difficult and expensive to drive cars within the city limits hoping to get the drivers over in busses and trams. But they fail to deliver a reliable/good system, causing the public transports to be overcrowded and late. This means, at least in my city, that there are more cars on the roads now than it was before the fantastic new public transport system was introduced.

I was hoping for everyone else to take public transport to work so I could get the roads for myself, but I was wrong...