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1. BMW Australia are really on to it now and have found a tie rod end in their NSW warehouse. They checked it and it's the correct part so that's mine and comes in tomorrow.

2. Steering rack arrives next week and is expected to be the correct part as the initial mistake was an error in part recognition by BMW. The rack coming is definitely the VSS rack.

3 And what could be third? Oh that's easy! Last night, in Camberwell, in our RED Commodore hire car (no.3) whilst stationary at the lights, the young blonde girl behind us thought the lights turned green and drove in to the back of us..........that makes FOUR! Fortunately for her pocket and my sanity there was minimal damage to her car and you couldn't really see where she hit us so I'm not going to tell the hire company and let it roll. I don't want to go through the whole process for the fourth time!

And for the record, I don't usually have accidents...........this is just a really bad spell..........

I believe the reason is because Melbourne now has too many people for its infrastructure and we have insane beaurocrats who are against cars and want that wonderful socialist nirvana of public transport to be the predominant transport function in Melbourne. So we are squeezed in to roads which are being shrunk by bike paths and bus lanes so it's just bound to cause massive road rage and many more accidents. Just like man-made global warming.........don't you just love socialism? Just let me be alone with my car so I can enjoy it without all the social engineering to make driving cars unbearable. that's a rant isn't it!