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This is a a duplicate of the post in the 6NR thread:

I wasnít able to order 6NR as my X3 was built in January 2011 and I was disappointed that BMW werenít going to make it available as an accessory or a dealer retrofit (refer to long debate in the 6NR thread with the muppets at BMW UK). I got in contact with Patryk at BimmerTech who has done 6NR retrofits on other BMW models and they have recently started offering it on the F25 so I asked if I could get it done on my X3.

The answer was yes but as these guys donít have any fitters in the UK it had to be part DIY (the wiring) and then BimmerTech do all of the coding remotely. Itís all fitted now, all working and a success. BimmerTech can also code unlocking DVD in motion which I also got done.

Not having a fitter meant it was slightly more complicated than it would be in countries where BimmerTech team up with specialists to do the fitting and coding together, but Patryk really knows his stuff and the end result is all good and I recommend using BimmerTech.

I wanted 6NR mostly for its potential rather than just what is available now but I have to say that I prefer the iPhone/iPod plug in (over using the woeful iDrive interface for browsing music) and the ability to stream video from an iPhone to the iDrive screen. I had a quick look at internet radio which worked well at home but I think it wouldnít be that great on the move because of the lack of a 3G SIM. Iím also using it for Twiiter and Facebook Ė but not very often!

Iíve posted some pictures below of my 6NR retrofit in action.

Plug in

iPhone calendar

Web radio

iPhone videos



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