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I was able to test drive the LS2s in snow last week, our first snowfall of about 5-10cm of wet heavy white crap that turned in a LOT of water the day after (got warmer quick).

I drove very carefully because of the lack of experience on how the vehicule itself handles on top of having all seasons; taking curves & acceleration was OK at best, didn't feel the tires come loose once, but like I said I was driving VERY conservatively. Stopping power on the other hand was HORRIBLE, heavy SUV + crappy all seasons on packed snow = ice-like conditions. They just couldn't get a grip on the snow whatsoever is was scary, and I don't keep my tires super inflated, so LS2s in my opinion area really not a good all season to use during winter (for us up north, no such thing as a good all-season during winter!)

I ordered some 19" Blizzak LM-60s as I've always had good experiences with them, especially considering the good price. CAA + emergency cans is enough for me during winter.