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Originally Posted by AW325xi View Post
In the e90, we have two-stage brake lights. If the brake pedal isn't pushed really quickly (i.e. the time it takes for you to pull your foot off the gas and push on the brake), only the first stage lights and the brakes aren't as bright. If the brakes are hit very quickly, both stages are lit and they are very bright. The rear fog switch just lights up the first stage all the time.
It was a very simple install with the switch as shown above. I purchased my switch from Tischner BMW.
I'm going to contact them to see if they can start carrying this for the X3. I might be the same switch in the new 3 so it'd be worth while.
Yes, you are correct, BMW doesn't think the US drivers know how to use rear fog lights. I have a tendancy to agree with them by all the SUV drivers I see driving around all the time with their foglights on.
Please keep us informed. This one mod I'd really like to do. Thanks