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Originally Posted by shaikh_sakib View Post
So I recently picked up my x3, I was originally going with x28i with a bunch of options, but then trimmed the fat on my options and instead opted for the 35i (very glad i did this!!)

One of the options I took out was rear view camera/PDC. My dealer mentioned you can easily install an aftermarket option from them that alerts you in the form of audible tones when reversing vs. having a camera (essentially serves the same purpose..beeps faster/louder the closer you approach an object)

not sure what brand these are, but the dealer mentioned they have been installing these for years.. and they go for around $500

anyone have any experience with these and/or have any other alternatives?

not sure if a rear view camera can be added after-the-fact..


There are many inexpensive aftermarket systems available for both ultrasonic proximity sensor "beepers' and rear view cameras. I haven't seen any that integrate both functions (but I'm sure some exist) as the BMW "built-in" systems do, but the aftermarket systems are MUCH better than nothing, and may be able to meet your needs if you don't mind the add-on appearance. Adding an aftermarket camera and display is easier than adding the proximity detectors.

For a simple to install rear view video system, you may want to take a look at this one or possibly this one.

Ultrasonic proximity sensor systems are a bit more difficult to install, but are also available as aftermarket devices. There are wireless systems as well as various wired systems.

None of the above will be as well integrated into the car, or as elegant as the factory device, but they can be installed for a small fraction of having a dealer retrofit the X3 with the BMW system.

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