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Retrofit - Drivers Cubby Draw

After owning a BMW 320 and 2 months ago upgrading to the fantastic X3 F25 m Sport, i was missing the drivers cubby that comes with the 'Extended storage' option. There is currently no retrofit kit and the dealer said it cannot be fitted as if not specified as option there would be no room at the rear of blank. I was not going to be defeated and ordered the drivers cubby (41 inc. postage) from another dealer and set about the brand new dash with a dremel. Here are the photo's and the final completed project. Took about 1 hour to complete and 48 hours of building up the courage to attack the dash.

First was to make up a template of the dash where the box is to be mounted. Then once this fits make a cut out of the cubby and ensure it fits properly.

Undo the 2 fixing screws under the dash and pull the lower section down, this allows you to feel under the dash to ensure there is nothing behind it.

Once this is completed using masking tape, place strips over the dash and mark out the cut out on the dash.

Now this is where i went a bought a dremel and used the same bit that cuts out dry walls etc. This make a fantastic mess and requires a lot of vacuuming. As you can see from the photos. This is the dangerous part better to remove too little than too much. Ensure the dremel goes through both the dash and the rear plastic covering. The edge is very good if the dremel is on half speed, but again its trail and error.

Then its a trial and error and slowly removing the dash edge until the new box fits and clips into place.

I now have a place to put my house keys etc when i drive off and now my car is complete as it should have been. For the money we all pay for the X3 i think this should be standard!!

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