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Last month I ran into rocks across the road after a sharp turn at speed with my 2010 Z4 35i and took out the L front( big cut in the tread ). I was in an impossible place to have changed a tire. Drove 25 mi at 40 mph to the dealer left the car overnight(it was closing time) picked the car up the next day(they had the tire in stock) paid $440 and all was well. I just got back from a 4000 mi. X country trip with my 2011 X3 35i shod with 19 in. Goodyear FS2's found that they performed very well. I drove between 70-100 mph (averaged 72 mph and 24.3 mpg for the whole trip) and running at those speeds for hours in 80 degree temps the tires were just slightly warm to the touch at gas stops. One cold (27 F) morning I got a low tire warning and found the tires 4 psi low, added air, reset the computer and was on my way.