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Originally Posted by tuco44 View Post
The survey by TR as posted by XB101 is more valid, I think.
I looked at the TireRack survey. It's worthless, because it's just the opinions of various consumers (You only drive one car, and keep winter tires 2 to 3 years. How can you compare any two sets?).

I looked at the link that I posted, under "methodology". It's also a survey (!) of "tire vendors non affiliated with any brand". Sadly, this seems worthless to me too. is a richer organization, and they can afford to run real scientific tests. I just subscribed minutes ago (for $26/year!). They say the "Nokian WR G2" is the best "performance winter tire". The Pirelli and the Dunlop score exactly equally in everything that concerns me, but the Dunlop gets a slightly better "noise" rating.