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Originally Posted by frankwin View Post
LOL I hope you are kidding, more valid???? There is no scientific approach, it is subjective evaluation. Tire discussion can be like politic or religion discussion but I don't really rely on This Tirerack results IMO because comments depend on the region, type of car, driving experience and exposure to other brand of tire, so many variable. This is just another source of information.

For example, sorted by winter performance, the Blizzak LM25 are fairly high and I used them 6 years, these are the worst tire in snow or ice!! Dry and wet were fine. Who's right, me or those results? This is similar to Trip advisor, you have to be careful.

Protegez-vous used a scientific approach and experts in this area with real tests in the condition of our region! I am not saying they have the truth but this is more credible.
Suit yourself. No problem for me what you believe to be superior. Both good winter tires.
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